Jay Staton Photography

​Jay Staton

For the best possible image, ​​I use an old wooden large format camera when photographing Florida's landscapes.  It is an 8X10 Deardorff, which uses a piece of film that measures 8 inches by 10 inches.  A piece of film that big boasts an extremely large amount of detail when exposed properly, resulting in images with tremendous detail. 

I have lived in south Florida for over 45 years. And for more than 35 of those years, I have been capturing fine art images of Florida's unique natural beauty found in the untouched areas of The Everglades and Big Cypress.  

Add to that the breathtaking real estate opportunities in Naples and Marco Island, a great photographer has an endless supply of subjects. 

It is evident in the images I capture.  Even the most expensive digital cameras can't reproduce such detail.  The effort in using "old school" technology is tremendous. My camera, lenses, filters, film holders, and tripod require me to carry around some 50 pounds of gear.  But the result speaks for it self.

My images​ are on display in private collections around the country.   I am extremely proud that Smithsonian has asked to use several of my images to show the beauty of south Florida.​  

My nature videography has won 3 Telly Awards, and has been used in several PBS specials.  And a just released National Geographic special about the Everglades is highlighting some of my amazing footage of the rare Florida panther.